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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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170                     To Horace Mann                   [1742
care that he does not open them. The captain mortifies me by proposing to stay three weeks at Genoa. I have sent away to-night a small additional box of steel wares, which I received but to-day from Woodstock23. As they are better than the first, you will choose out some of them for Prince Craon, and give away the rest as you please.
We have a new opera by Pescetti24, but a very bad one; however, all the town runs after it, for it ends with a charming dance. They have flung open the stage to a great length, and made a perfect view of Venice, with the Kialto, and numbers of gondolas that row about full of masks, who land and dance. You would like it.
Well, I have done. Excuse me if I don't take the trouble to read it all over again, for it is immense, as you will find. Good night!
London, Feb. 4, 174£.
I AM miserable that I have not more time to write to you, especially as you will want to know so much of what I have to tell you ; but for a week or fortnight I shall be so hurried, that I shall scarce know what I say. I sit here writing to you, and receiving all the town, who flock to this house; Sir Eobert has already had three levees this morning, and the rooms still overflowing—they overflow up to me. You will think this the prelude to some victory! On the contrary, when you receive this, there will be no longer a Sir Eobert Walpole: you must know him for the future by the title of Earl of Orford. That other envied name expires next week with his ministry!
Preparatory to this change, I should tell you, that last
28 Before the rise of Birmingham.     fine steel.
and Sheffield, Woodstock was noted        24 Giovanni Battista Pescetti • (d. for its manufacture  of articles of     1758).